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The Resort Group PLC (TRG) is a multinational company with its administrative center in the United Kingdom and financial center in Gibraltar. TRG is a developer and owner of 5-star branded (Melia, Hilton, etc.) resort with integrated business. TRG is the market leader on the Cape Verde Archipelago, currently we own and operate over 47% of the s-star hotel & resort capacity and represent approx. 4% of the GPD in Cape Verde

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On the Island Sal we own and operate three resorts:
* Melia Tortuga Beach Hotel: 372 units open since May 2011. All available units (suites, apartments and villas) have bee successfully sold to private investors
* Melia Dunas Beach Resort & Spa: 1 251 units open since November 2014. All avaible units (suites, apartments and villas) have been successfully sold to private investors
* Melia Llana Beach Hotel & Spa: 605 suites open open since December 2016. Last units available for sale

On the island Santiago in the capital city Praia TRG is currently constructing a 220 rooms Hilton Business & Conference hotel

On the Island Boa Vista TRG is developing six new resorts on a unique location, the Santa Monica Beach. The First Resort "Melia White Sands Hotel & Spa", has started construction in December 2015 and is due to open in 18 months. The units in White Sands are currently for sale.

TRG sells the individual units in its resort to families and private investors. The units (properties) are sold on a freehold ownership basis with a proven and guaranteed investment model and return

The property investments that TRG offers are based on the following parameters:

* 8% p.a. return on deposit for 12 month
* After 12 month, 5% p.a. return until opening of the resort (estimated 6 months)
* After opening of the White Sands Resort:
5% p.a. minimum guaranteed rental income for year 1
6% p.a. minimum guaranteed rental income for year 2
7% p.a. minimum guaranteed rental income for year 3
* From the 4th year operation, 4% p.a. minimum guaranteeg rental income for 5 years
* After 5 years of ownership, re-sale option

Please note: after 8 years operation of the resort, the rental income is split 50:50 between the investor and TRG/the operator. The expected return for investors from this rental income split is between 6% to 9% p.a.

Please find attached the TRG brochures:
* Intelligent investment brochure
* White Sands HAND OUT
* Information about Cape Verde

Owners of the units can choose not to take pert in the rental program provident by TRG in combination with the branded hotel operator. Property owners that are not in the rental program can use thier property for full personal use or rent out the property, according to the wishes and program of the property owner

For potential investors TRG organizes inspection trips with all-inclusive stay in one of our resorts on the Island Sal. The price of the inspection tour is 1 000 EUR/p.p. which also serves as a reservation fee and is deducted from the purchase price when the client decides to invest.

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